Website structure is up and running.  I’ve added multiple pages now and made the links between all the different pages. Updated a few with some content (not my digital divide content, just personal stuff exploit related).  I am having trouble getting my layout to look the way I want it to, but it’s getting there.  Site title added w/ icon (from tango icon set, licensed under GPLv3, as are all other icons that I’ve used throughout my website).

I still need to do some research for the digital divide content.  I plan to do this probably during my 3-day break from computers next week.  I plan to set up with some paper and pencils in the cafeteria and either conduct very very brief interviews among as diverse of a crowd as I can manage, or conduct written interviews containing a short list of either short answer / multiple choice questions.

Some of the things I am interested in researching are do you update your computer on your own accord? do you update your computer when it prompts you to do so?  Do you think keeping your software up to date is important? Which operating system are you using? Which web browser?

I won’t know exactly until I start talking to people and I find out what is working out the best.  Then, from this data I am going to address the importance of keeping a computer up to date, go over _HOW_ you keep your computer up to date, as well as some key ideas like the importance of your web browser, and OS updates, and how critical they are.